Byronic Hero Headphones

This was music that had not only escaped, but had robbed a bank on the way out.
The Stone Roses

—This Is The One


—We Reach Out


—My Oh My

The Cramps

—Everything Goes

Anonymous asked: You play Persona? Do you play mvc3?

I really play P4A and I’m hyped for P4U2. I’ve technically been playing Persona 4 with some of my friends for the past few months. I think I prefer watching UMVC3, but my super dope friend plays it a lot and went to Civil War VI this year.

Anonymous asked: Yosukes a shit. Mitsuru is the queen of persona

I’ll gladly fight any one of the 80% of Persona players who thinks Mitsuru is unstoppable with my shit-tier Yosuke :D

Digable Planets


Finally beat goddamn score attack mode

Finally beat goddamn score attack mode

Shit and Shine

—Hot Vodka


—Holocene City

Reading Rainbow

—Oh Deer Lord

Anonymous asked: I just want to tell you that you have the best taste in music!

Eh not really…


—Rhythm of Devotion

The Music Tapes

—Takeshi and Elijah