Byronic Hero Headphones

This was music that had not only escaped, but had robbed a bank on the way out.

Damn, its real good to be able to fight more people in Project M.

Talking Heads


David Bowie


UV Tourist

—There Have Been Thefts

Thelonious Monk


The Fresh & Onlys

—No Regard

The Faces

—Glad and Sorry

Anonymous asked: Holy crap, she's cheese. I'm getting flashbacks from playing Ken and Chun-Li players in 3rd strike LOL

Hahaha Yeah, she’s pretty daunting to fight against sometimes. I really really like the 3rd Strike Roster, I wonder what SF4 would be with Q or Oro in it sometimes.

Anonymous asked: :I -Mentions Chie.-

I can’t handle this right now. I have PTSD from her godfist supers. Her shadow form in the next one can do multiples of them for free temporarily

Anonymous asked: Whoops, that was totally my mistakerino. BB <----> Taokaka. GG <----> Jam and May. GG is fun and if you like BB, you may like GG too. I haven't played PA yet but Ken and Koromaru are joining the team. Will they be separate or together though?

Oh Ken and Koro are together. I don’t mind too much, but I know Ken draws a ton of hate from Persona players from his part of the story and personality. I know a lot of people wanna play Koromaru and will put up with anything. I’m a Yosuke main through and through. Oh one thing. Chie… We don’t talk about Chie, especially with virologicrex.

Anonymous asked: Not gonna lie, my heart broke when Daigo didn't make the cut (my hero, ok). I didn't watch a lot of the BB games but I heard they were a riot.. SPEAKING OF BB, LAST TIME I ACTUALLY PLAYE WAS SO LONG AGO. May and Jam were my favorites. Whenever you have the chance, you should watch Luffy's games with Rose. Not exactly a dull moment. Pffft, I actually used salty bet to keep myself sort of updated while it was going on.

I won’t deny that Daigo is a god, but Mago and Xian are my favorites to watch. I guess Mike Ross and K Brad are also high up on my watchlist. Oh hahaha BlazBlue is another game by Arc Systems. I think you’re thinking of Guilty Gear. I’m thinking of getting into Guilty Gear Xrd, but ehhh Persona has been my child since I picked it up. Salty Bets was my favorite thing to watch when I’m bored, although I’ve been addicted to Smash Bros matches too lately.

Anonymous asked: Really? WELL THEN. . OH, I WAS ALSO REMEMBERING THE EVENTS OF EVO AND GEEZ. Your thoughts on Luffy's Rose?

Vive la France! Luffy is dope. The only Rose player I really ever watched was Gootecks, so I never know what to expect from other players. This years Evo was kinda crazy considering the top SF players were taken out pretty early too so no one knew what to expect. Speaking of Evo, BlazBlue still gives me chills. Hahaha

Anonymous asked: Haha, I actually main Elena and use Yang/Yun in 3rd Strike. I heard Elena was going to make it to S4, and I will admit Remy players are always fun to watch. Ah, I'm sorry if my messages are getting out of hand, lol. But this is too cool to pass up. c:

Hahaha I don’t mind at all. The messages are pretty dope. Elena made it to Ultra SF4 with Hugo and Rolento and Poison. I haven’t played much from Ultra, but I heard the Yun Yang Clan got buffed pretty insanely.

Anonymous asked: Waaah, cool! I wish you the best when you start competing. Yeah, the only other person I played KoF after they shut down my favorite arcade is my older brother here, lol. Do you by any chance also play SF3rd Strike?

Haha thanks to the max :) I played Third Strike a few times a long time ago. I really wish Remy carried over to SF4. I’m a Yang main right now.

Anonymous asked: Chin can be really fun once you get the hang of him. I like playing with Bao, Kensou and Shingo. I don't come across a lot of people who play KoF, so that's cool.

Bao is super dope, but he’s not in the later editions and it made me mad. Bao was my third before I picked up Vice. KoF is super awesome. I know a few players where I live, but its nothing too big and we really watch pro matches more than anything. Although this year I’m planning on competitions.